Noviqu and Microsoft Power BI

Noviqu understands how important it is to utilize your data which is why we have exposed the ability to push datasets from Noviqu to Power BI using the Noviqu API to Microsoft Power-BI. Below is a quick introduction on how to do this. 

Create the Data set in Noviqu.

First, you need to navigate to the Data set page under admin. You can learn more about Data Sets here.

Next you will create a data set that contains the data you are wanting to push to Microsoft Power BI. 

Enable the API and get your auth-token. 

Next you will need to navigate to the organization settings under the Admin menu. To view all of the documentation regarding the API click here.

Build the URL to get the data. 

The Noviqu API loading datasets is as follows:

To get all datasets for your organization:[auth-token]

To get the data for the dataset for your specific dataset:[data set id]?auth-token=[auth-token]&=refresh=true. You will pull the Id of the dataset from the URL when on the edit screen.

Note: the refresh = true makes sure to pull new live data every time. 

Using Microsoft Power BI build your reports

Microsoft Power BI is extremely powerful and is beyond the scope of this help document. However, what follows is how to get the data from Noviqu into Power BI so you can build your reports and dashboards. For more information regarding Microsoft Power BI go here.

1. Now that you have your URL open your Power BI Tool and CLick on "Get Data" and select the source from the list named "Web" and click "Connect".

2. Once you are connected you then need to click on the "data" field in the result and then click the "To Table" button in the menu. 

3. Now you will be presented with one column with several rows. If you click the icon  It will separate the column into all of the same columns that you selected when creating the data set. 

4. Now you have the ability to create visuals in Microsoft Power BI.